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Spa covers of thick rigid foam gradually get waterlogged and cave in, like mine did. So when I saw an ad for an innovative design at SpaCap.com, I got interested. The Spa Cap is essentially a large air bladder enclosed in a couple of layers of heavy-duty marine vinyl, so it sounds like a promising product.

It is not. Its insulation qualities are close to nil, and worse, the company's got the worst customer service this side of Attila the Hun.

I bought a Spa Cap, and after watching the company's online instructional video, I installed the cover appropriately. From that day, our electric bill skyrocketed. During the previous year, when we used a foam cover, our electric bill averaged $100 per month. With the SpaCap in place, our first month bill was $177, the second was $362, and the third, $571!

Of course, I turned off the tub and phoned SpaCap. I left several messages and then e-mails, and never got a response. I finally reached a woman in SpaCap's office, having possibly caught her off guard. She listened to me and asked me to send them a photo of the installation. I did that the same day, waited a week, and then began calling and e-mailing once again. Finally I reached the same woman. She told me the company's president had concluded I hadn't tacked the cover down with enough fasteners, and he'd already shipped me more fasteners. I'm glad I didn't wait by my mailbox.

I returned the cover to SpaCap, enclosing a request for a refund under the warranty, which covers workmanship and materials for three years. Since it didn't insulate worth a fig, it wasn't a genuine spa cover, so was completely defective. As you might guess, I heard nothing further from them.

If you go to SpaCap's website, a subpage, "R-Factor Testing Results," offers data on the product's insulation capability. The study, done by Dr. H.F.Poppendiek of Geoscience Ltd. of San Diego, CA, seems to suggest that the SpaCap provides about ten times more insulation capability than a rigid foam cover. But if you read it carefully, it's actually incomprehensible.

So I wrote to Dr. Poppendiek, asking what the story was. He replied that something was radically wrong with the information on SpaCap's website. It was not in conformance, he said, with the technical data Geoscience Ltd. supplied. Dr. Poppendiek wrote, "I'm not sure whether someone at SpaCap doesn't understand the data or whether my findings are being misrepresented."

Why did that not surprise me?

The Better Business Bureau (http://www.bbb.org/western-washington/business-reviews/spas-and-hot-tubs-supplies-and-parts/spacapcom-in-lynden-wa-13025291#ratingdetails) gives SpaCap.com the grade of F, their lowest rating. The BBB says there were 41 complaints filed against the company, which failed to resolve or even respond to a significant number of the complaints.

If you Google "spa cap," you'll find websites such as www.doityourself.com, which feature numerous other extremely negative reviews such as mine.

In sum, SpaCap's product is lousy and may actually be fraudulent, and their customer skills are even worse.

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We are on our second Spa Cap, first one lasts 8 years. I don’t understand how these negative comments are the same product or company.

When we replaced our water logged rigid cover with our first spa cap our utilities for our hot tub when down below $50 a month ! Stayed there fir 8 years !


The covers sound so wonderful!!

-So very glad to see these reports and comments. No!


Total junk!!!! Mine lasted only 18 months before it started taking on water, maintaining this thing is a pain.

I live in an area with wide temperature swings, super hot during the day so the air expands to the point I have to let some air out, then at night the temp drops 50 degrees, and the cover sags into the hot tub, UGH!

constantly adding and removing air. I hate this thing!

Roseville, California, United States #1181240

After recommending this product to many I too have chambers taking on water. While it seems to be made well the fabric tears and the inside rubber has small holes allowing water in. Will not be buying another.

to Anonymous Lansing, Michigan, United States #1213602

We have had the same issue with our SpaCap; customer service is HORRIBLE! He is rude and claims our chemicals caused the issue; we don't use chemicals, but an ionizer....then he told us to coat it with a certain rubberized coating, which we did, and it promptly peeled off in millions of teeny pieces into the water.

After $700 and two years of decent coverage and dealing with him for over a year now trying to find a "fix" we are DONE with this company.

Major rip off in my opinion.


I also got seduced by SpaCaps phoney baloney claims of super insulation and never filling with water. I spent nearly $600.00 for this piece of junk.

About 2 years later the chambers began taking on water. Also, even when new it IS NOT easier to take the spacap cover off versus standard foam covers espcially if there is any wind blowing. Totally bogus product that I was forced to replace after about 2 1/2 years.

The ONLY good thing to come out of it was that I had the sunbrella fabric (GREAT product) that was the outer protective layer remade into a nice cover for my Big Green Egg. Now I wish a company would make a foam cover with sunbrella fabric instead of the typical vinyl that burns up in the sun.

Don't buy a SpaCap!!!


This has not been my experience. I've had my SpaCap for over 10 years - I've never had a rigid foam cover last this long.

I live in Colorado where UV exposure and wind are both important factors and my SpaCap has performed much better than my previous two vinyl-covered, rigid foam covers.

I also have no complaints about their customer service. My questions have always been answered promptly and pleasantly.

When it becomes necessary, I will replace my SpaCap with another one.


Yep, I too was tired of the old style covers getting heavy and water logged. Hubby thought he found something great.

HA, whi,e its a nice cover they made, they give u a thin and I mean THIN) 4x4 air pillow to put under the cover for my 7'x7' hot tub. This doesn't insurance,ate at all.

I could see maybe if the pillow would atleast cover the whole top of the water.

I guess if you live in Florida or a warm climate all year round and u just want to keep rain water off it may work for that. Not a happy customer here in Indiana

Waterville, Maine, United States #998150

I spent almost $800 for a SpaCap and I also had terrible results and no refund. Living in Maine winters, the inside of my hot tub became all iced up because the cover did not fit correctly.

I was in tears with multiple phone calls and never a response. Oh, I did send many photos with NO response. I am angry and out a whole lot of money!! Wow, I wish I had known about the BBB result with the SpaCap company before I burnt my money.

I had to have another one installed in January, the dead of winter. It was a nightmare for me. I despise that company. How terrible to do that to people who really NEED their money to survive.

Thank you to who posted this. I really appreciate knowing I am not the only one who got stolen alive.

The cover sits in my garage and will have to be thrown out, Darn....


Do not buy this! My Spa Cap is a piece of ***.

I always had to adjust the air inside the cap, when in the sun it is too tight and at night is sags and puddles with water if it rains. In the winter, ice would form all around the side where the warm moist air from the tub would escape, (great insulation, right?)

After 4 years, the interior side has turned brittle and now spa water leaks into the cap, after only a few days there is five gallons of water inside making removal a real PITA! I called the factory and was told that it must have been the chemicals, chlorine shock, I was using that ruined the bladder, (read...It's all my fault!) They would give me $50 off the $545 price of a new cover.

Not again! going back to the foam cover.

Ithaca, New York, United States #836261

Wish I had seen this before I got sucked in to buying one. Exact same issue!

The cover is nothing but a piece of ***, period! No customer service at all and now this wonderful cover is so full of "water" I can hardly lift it. Leaks air so I'm filling it daily, but for long. I will be ordering a real cover this weekend and take this junk to the dump.

I would like to throw it on their front entrance with a big sign on it. (Can't print what the sign would say!)

to Jack Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #1132613

I loved my spa cap for the first year or two. This last year, it started taking on water.

It took on about 40 gallons of water over the winter months here in Colorado. I was told that the chemicals I use have damaged the bottom layer. Well, my pH was always checked and never needed much adjustment. The chlorine and the shock chemical may have damaged it though.

So, if you have a salt water spa, this would perhaps be the best cover ever!

I have a very large spa and my $1,000 cover is now worthless.


We had a Spa Cap cover for the last six years and I was extrememly happy with it until this year. Both the top and bottom chambers seem to have aleak as it continuously deflates, but i cannot seem to get ahold of Spa Cap about replacing it. Was nice while it lasted though!


spa caps are to protect the spa cover, NOT insulate the temperature of the water.

to you're a nitwit #586576

I would complain about the cover, but after 6 weeks, I still have not received my spa cap. They may be crooks.

to you're a nitwit Abilene, Texas, United States #598803

actually... you're a nitwit.

the article is about the specific product spacap.com that DOES in fact replace the traditional cover. There is a similarly named product that just covers the traditional foam/vinyl cover and is useful but also has durability issues (in my experience)

to you're a nitwit Miami, Florida, United States #1204538

Check the website Dopey and see you are wrong!

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